Kingsland Ocala Waterway Home Owners Association, Inc. Kingsland Ocala Waterway Home Owners Association, Inc.

NOTARY SERVICES  are now provided free of charge for our Homeowners.  Please call the office to make an appointment.


Please include the following:

  • PARCEL ID number
  • Address
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  • File Number
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Sorry for the inconvenience. We will do our best to meet all your needs during this trying time.

-The Board of Directors-

***** Meeting Updates*****

Our next meeting will be held on 1/11/2022 at the Family Life Church located at 4325 SW 95th St. Ocala.  The meeting starts at 6:00pm.  Signs will be posted in all three sections.

The last Homeowners Association Meetings were held on: November 16th 2020 & July 13th 2021.  Minutes are attached.



Documents:  Content of Letters to Homeowners:

The following complaints have been sent to the homeowners association.  The Board and staff have sent letters to attempt to correct these issues.  Please note many of these are violations.  Please be kind to your neighbors and keep our community looking the best it can.  We thank you in advance.  

2020:                                                                                  2021:

1.  Crashed truck in yard.                                                   1.  Dogs barking at all hours.

2.  Referigerator in Front Yard.                                           2.  Chickens making noise all hours.

3.  Motorhomes in driveways and Front yard.                    3.  Cars parked on the grass and on the road, all hours.

4.  Garbage and broke lawn equipment in front yard.        4.  Commercial Vehicles parked on the grass.

5.  Broken down cars.                                                         5.  Christmas Lights up after 2/1/2021.

6.  Farm Animals                                                                 6.  Semi tractor trailer in driveway.

7.  Barking Dogs, Multiple complaints.                                7.  Driving a truck inbetween properties.

8.  Cars parked on Grass.                                                   8.  Unservicable truck off driveway in yard.

9.  Boats parked in Driveways.                                            9.  Sensor lights on at all hours.

10. Trash piled in Backyard causing rats.                         10.   Wellness Check



2013 FL Statute Chapter 720 Link

2013 FL Statute Chapter 617 Link